The difference two years makes. Bigger truck and a bigger dog.

Excitement overload. Frapping to the max!

Teddy’s first time boating, he was ecstatic about the waves and sand. Much time was spent barking at the water and flopping in the sand.

Managed to catch a picture of a very rare side sploot. Like the normal sploot but appears infinitely more uncomfortable.

We had a new roommate move in today, meet Newton!!

From this angle they look pretty different but from above they look like twins, it’s already causing confusion.

It would appear there is a hole in the fence.

Vet Appointment Made

Thanks to those who have their input on Teddy’s eye. We’ve got a vet appointment scheduled and I’ll keep you guys updated on the outcome.

It’s great to have all of you to give your opinion and to benefit from your experiences.

I’m looking for some opinions on this so let me know what you think in the comments.

For the last day I’ve pretty much been perpetually wiping these giant goopy eye boogers off of Teddy’s left eye and yesterday morning it it was pretty much a film covering the eye when he woke up. It’s normal for him to have small crustys in the morning but never anything so consistent as this.

Any ideas what could be causing it? We did recently move cross country but he lived in this state for the first few months of his life and we’ve been here almost a month with no problems.

At this point it seems like a ridiculous reason to go to the vet (especially as I already owe a couple hundred in vet bills for my horse) so other things to try are appreciated.

Someone is in a weird mood today after hearing his first real thunderstorm last night.

Family Reunion

Today Teddy got to meet one of his full brothers. He immediately began to hump his brother. I was then told that when his brother met their mom he did the same thing, so I guess it runs in te family?